Coaching Testimonials

Ophthalmology Trainee

"Almost three years ago, I took part in your coaching programme as a medical student in Lithuania. Our main goal was to determine a medical speciality that would fit me best. We ended our coaching in 2017 and I made a promise to work hard in order to get into one of the most competitive fields in medicine- ophthalmology. Well, I am happy to inform you that from the 1st August 2019 I have officially become resident doctor in the Department of Ophthalmology at the Hospital of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences.. Within these 2 years I have participated in many national and international ophthalmic conferences where I got a chance to present my research. I have also met with many national and international ophthalmologists. I wanted to say Thank You so much!! This wouldn't have happened without your coaching. I hope you are doing great and continue changing other peoples lives."

FY 2 doctor

"Upon completion of my foundation programme I found myself struggling and somewhat reluctant to commit to core training despite wanting to be a surgeon for almost 15 years. As a keen sportswoman I have greatly benefited from personal trainers and hence similarly saw coaching as an opportunity to work with someone to achieve my goals.

The first and biggest revelation from coaching was that I didn’t really know, and certainly could not articulate, what I really valued. Working with Vicky I’ve gained a deeper understanding into my values and beliefs and adapted my behaviours in alignment with them. Our sessions were insightful, constructive, inspiring and always ended with me coming up with a series of steps to help me achieve the next step towards my ultimate goal of gaining better clarify of my path in medicine (even if that path was no longer a career in surgery).

Vicky was supportive, insightful and non- judgmental and I am incredibly grateful for her input. I daren't imagine my life 10 years from now if I had not done coaching and likely blindly taken a path that I would later regret."

SpR transitioning into Consultant Role

"I was nearing the end of my speciality training and looking ahead to my first consultant post when I felt unsure how to make the transition. I also felt I needed to work on achieving a better work-life balance.

Vicky helped me plan the course of action towards those goals. Through coaching, I was able to focus on what I really want out of my career and life. One of the key changes that I noticed through my work was an increased confidence in being able to generate options and make decisions. Furthermore, working with Vicky encouraged me to self-reflect and identify internal barriers that have held me back from achieving my potential in the past.

Thank you Vicky for being supportive, empathic and for knowing when and how to challenge me to make the changes I needed to move forward positively."

Medical Student

"Coaching sessions for me were life-changing. During the time, I have managed to challenge my daily routine, the way of learning and developing as a medical student. It also had a positive impact on the way I interact with other people: from medical staff in various clinical departments to senior lecturers in the University. Most importantly, thanks to Dr. Vicky Cleak, I have managed to find my true passion for ophthalmology after overcoming obstacles and learning to be truthful to myself. It is by far the best investment I have ever made in terms of self-development.

Dr. Cleak has a great range of professional character traits which help for the session to go through smoothly. Dr. Cleak listens actively, is non-judgemental and challenges you to draw conclusions from your own personal findings."

Appraisal Testimonials

"I would like to thank you for being so kind, helpful and supportive throughout the whole process."

Consultant Anaesthetist

"I am very pleased with my appraisal. Very kind and supportive appraiser."

Locum middle grade

"This was my first appraisal and I found it a very worthwhile process and one which I enjoyed. I found the Skype medium worked well (albeit technical hitches) and did not feel this took anything away from the quality of the session. However, I work in a remote area and am familiar with VC communication. I am in a transition stage of my career and found the approach and structure extremely helpful towards planning future CPD. I would hope to be able to have my next appraisal with Dr Cleak"

Locum Specialty Doctor

"Superb appraisal. Extremily supportive. Very clear Skype system."

Locum Consultant Vascular Surgeon

"Exceptionally good appraisal which exceeded my expectations. I would recommend Dr Cleak to other doctors as well as looking to use her for my own appraisals in the future."

Locum Middle Grade Emergency Medicine

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