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Through working with locum doctors, I have come to realise that many in this group of doctors would benefit from a mentor or educational supervisor. Locums come from a wide variety of backgrounds and have diversity in their experience and needs. A locum doctor has to have resilience and flexibility to enable them to work in different places. This is often with less support than a typical trainee, or doctor working in a substantive post, would get. Working in the NHS can be stressful at the best of times but for locum doctors, the potential for stress is greater. It doesn't need to be this way.

To help plug this gap, I offer educational supervision and mentoring for locum doctors who just need some individual, tailored advice or a supportive space to reflect on their practice, educational opportunities or career plan. My background in medical education, clinical and educational supervision and training in coaching means that I have the skills and contacts to help. See the testimonial below.

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An hour, twice a year, could be all it takes to boost your confidence and bring clarity to your career plans

Testimonial from Locum Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr Gyula Torok.

"This year I came across a difficult period in my career when I needed to prepare myself for a coroner's inquest. I'd known Vicky prior to this, as she had already conducted my last year's appraisal to great effect. Clearly, a coroner's inquest can be an intimidating experience. However, Vicky provided coaching and her expertise helped me to be prepared to provide evidence. During the sessions, Vicky was very reassuring, she alleviated my obvious worry about the upcoming inquest and gave me confidence. I feel she is very capable of providing help and support in various medical professional situations."

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