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Appraisal should be undertaken yearly. It should cover all areas of a doctors practice. It should be an enjoyable and validating experience. There is no pass/fail to appraisal but it leads into revalidation which is itself summative and thus a good appraiser will prepare you for this.

I have received training in appraisal and am familiar with the MAG (Medical Appraisal Guide) appraisal form (see resources). I would be happy to appraise you using any other recognised template. After all, it is content that is most important not the form itself. I have particular expertise in first appraisals, appraisals for locums and those for doctors based abroad.

Appraisal and revalidation can make any doctor feel anxious the first time that they undertake it. It is my aim to try and help make the whole thing as smooth and useful as possible for you.

It helps to see an example of an appraisal form to see what the expectations are. Follow this link to see a model MAG form from NHS England.

"There are six types of supporting information that doctors will be expected to provide and discuss at their appraisal at least once in each five year cycle. They are:

Appraisal Structure

There are three stages to the appraisal; Preparation of appraisal documents by the appraisee, the appraisal meeting and completion of the appraisal documents by the appraiser. Preparation of the appraisal documents includes;

I can undertake appraisals via Skype/Facetime to make this as convenient for you as possible.


Most College sites have a handy revalidation/ appraisal checklist

Information on supporting documents and revalidation;


"Skype appraisal was as good as being in the same room physically if not better. It is a very convenient and useful medium. I would recommend it to others"

Locum middle grade Opthamologist

"I would like to thank you for being so kind, helpful and supportive throughout the whole process."

Consultant Anaesthetist

"I am very pleased with my appraisal. Very kind and supportive appraiser."

Locum middle grade

"This was my first appraisal and I found it a very worthwhile process and one which I enjoyed. I found the Skype medium worked well (albeit technical hitches) and did not feel this took anything away from the quality of the session. However, I work in a remote area and am familiar with VC communication. I am in a transition stage of my career and found the approach and structure extremely helpful towards planning future CPD. I would hope to be able to have my next appraisal with Dr Cleak"

Locum Specialty Doctor

"Superb appraisal. Extremily supportive. Very clear Skype system"

Locum Consultant Vascular Surgeon

"Exceptionally good appraisal which exceeded my expectations. I would recommend Dr Cleak to other doctors as well as looking to use her for my own appraisals in the future"

Locum Middle Grade Emergency Medicine

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