Why Coaching and mentoring?

Private Psychiatry and Wellbeing Clinic, Onchan, Isle of Man

I inadvertently fell into coaching after being coached myself. I am an ICF accredited coach. Coaching has something to offer all doctors at all stages in their career and should not only be offered to those at the top or in difficulty. From Foundation doctors choosing the right career path; to mid-career doctors returning from maternity leave and having to find a new life/career balance; to doctors moving into unfamiliar management roles, and finally through to those needing to reinvigorate their careers after falling into the jaded comfort zone. Coaching will bring out the best in you and allow you to re-engage with a love of medicine (or allow you to be free of it)- it's about reconnecting you with what you really want and helping you to get it.

I have a portfolio career, working for the UK Ministry of Justice as a tribunal doctor, undertaking appraisals and coaching for doctors. I am a coach for the governments Early Talent Programme and a coach for the Faculty of Medical Management and Leadership. I have ACC accreditation with the International Coaching Federation.

I have particular expertise in first appraisals for doctors from abroad and locum doctors.


I trained in medicine at Sheffield University and graduated in 1996.

Following house jobs, I moved to Southampton where I joined the Wessex psychiatry rotation. I obtained MRCPsych in 2000 and have CCST with dual accreditation in General Adult Psychiatry and Liaison Psychiatry.

After completing registrar jobs in Wessex, I became a Consultant in Poole where, after working as a Community Consultant, I set up and ran a general adult psychiatry, acute assessment ward. As well as having experience as an educational supervisor for foundation doctors, core and GPVTS trainees, I was also the Clinical Tutor responsible for the education of trainees in the local Trust. This involved supporting local doctors in difficulty as well as their educational supervisors. I also have an MA in Medical Education.

I moved to the Isle of Man in 2011 after my husband got a Consultant post here. I worked locally as the Consultant in the Crisis Resolution Home Treatment Team as well as in the local acute hospital in a liaison role, before leaving to develop a portfolio career.

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